The John Hancock Center building

If I had the money and could live anywhere I choose to, the John Hancock Center would be the place.

Why? While it’s not the tallest building in the world, it is the tallest residence building in the world, meaning you can own a piece of room—-a condominium—-right there in the building. It also has the highest level swimming pool too at the 44th level. There is a very logical reason why it’s come like that.

A brilliant civil engineer named Fazlur Khan invented a structural technique called X-bracing that wraps outside around the building, resulting into a stronger structure and eliminates the need for inner support beam inside the building. Thus, you get a wide-open room without beams, perfect for people who are deaf like me.

It is truly an architectural icon with its angular lines and has the perfect “grey” color—not too dark, not too light. Batman would feel right at home here.

If you ever come to visit this building, do try to visit the Signature room instead of the Observatory where you can actually order drinks and enjoy the awesome views while sitting in a comfy chair, not waiting in visitors lines!

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