Southwest Airline is the best airline, period.

I just got flown in to Illinois to see my only grandmother who suffered a bad stroke and it appears that she will not ever regain consciousness.

I want to share feedback that Southwest Airline is the best, most deaf-friendly airline that I’ve ridden on. They don’t do seat assignments, just A, B, or C group but that doesn’t matter as they will let deaf passengers go in first. All you have to do is to tell them that you’re Deaf.

I was able to find a voucher for only $325 and booked the next soonest available flight and got in Illinois the next day. So, even if you use the best flight search engine like or websites like or, I guarantee that you won’t find the same deal within that short amount of time.

Another cool thing about Southwest Airline is they don’t do stupid late fees, so if you missed your flight, no problem, just wait for the next flight at no extra cost or fines.

Those are enough reason that I will become their frequent miles member and apply for the card.

Thank you, Southwest.