It’s time to be a man

Time to get this out of draft and push it.

…Today is the first day of November, the month of thanksgiving and December, probably everyone’s favorite month, rolls in. The year, 2007, closes its door on the last day and 2008 is up next. My mom will be having her 64th birthday in January and I shall have my 27th birthday that next month, February.

It’s just going too fast.

Rapidly expiring, I’ll only have three years left before I turn 30. That very thought has propelled me to re-evaluate what’s going on in my life. My first six years in my twenties has been pretty good, considering how everything has turned out. It’s been 3 years since I wore my graduation gown and shook hands with Al Simone, the highly-respected ex-president for RIT. My college days was pretty good; I’ve managed to balance fraternity life and school, carrying a gpa of 3.4 and managed to secure 4 straight co-ops in consecutive summers, even after the 9/11 event and while I was working, I was envious of my friends who worked in kids’ camps or went backpacking in Europe.

After some stints working for the federal government in DC area, an opportunity fell through. I got to work for Google, now the 5th highest valued company in the world. It was only a start-up garage 10 years ago. I couldn’t imagine what Google would be like in other 10 years and I won’t be surprised if it moves up to the second or even first, which Exxon currently holds. I’ve found a job that I thoroughly enjoy, by being a webmaster.

Those six years served me pretty good. I rewarded myself with a nice car, a 2005 Civic Si hatchback except that I wrecked the car pretty bad, then I bought a 1993 BMW sedan from my roommate till I sold it and bought a 2005 Subaru WRX. They were enjoyable cars till I realize they no longer give me the happiness that I initially had.

So, I have almost 3 years left before I turn 30 and I’ve decided it’s time to be a man. The first step to that would be to sell the WRX and buy a truck. You couldn’t get any more manly than getting a truck. It’s functional, can haul pretty much anything and go off-road. Second thing is to be more financially responsible. Although I’ve been tracking what I spend, I realize I can do better, so getting rid of my WRX will help a lot.

Third thing is to help my parents more. They aren’t getting any younger and we’re all what we have of each other so I wanted to give them back what they gave me, although I’ll never be able to repay them fully. I realize I’m very very very lucky to have them as my parents, and I couldn’t imagine otherwise. That’s why I wanted to plan our trip to Alaska on a cruise tour later this May and they are gonna visit me soon here in California for Thanksgiving.

Fourth thing is to be more consistent in reaching goals that I set for myself. I have a lot of goals so I’m gonna do my best to follow through those goals.

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