Google is now the 5th highest-valued company in the US

I subscribe to Google’s investing email subscription and saw someone posted that Google is now the 5th highest-valued company in the U.S.

It’s time once again to step back, pause, and marvel at the growth of Google. As of the close of trading today, 10/30/2007, a company that is roughly a decade old and that has been a publicly traded company
for only a little over 3 years is now the *5th* largest company in the US by market cap.

A couple months ago we were roughly 15th. Companies this large don’t
usually shift around Consolidation Immediately, especially in the upward direction. We’ve grown and much of the rest of the market has shrunk recently. In trading today we went up over 2% and closed with a market cap of $216.86B (according to Yahoo Finance) while Proctor and Gamble, the previous #5 went down 4%, closing at $215.18B (after hours the gap continued to widen). Some of the other companies we’ve passed recently include Walmart, Johnson and Johnson, Chevron, Cisco, Citigroup, and Bank of America. The only larger US companies by market cap are now AT&T, Microsoft, GE, and Exxon.

Worldwide, Google appears to have just broken into the top 20 based on data from a recent article, but I don’t know how far in. (It’s harder to get a good up-to-date list of top companies by market cap worldwide. If someone knows a good site to do this, let me know.)