Virtual interpreters a possibility?

Saw this article on BBS news: Technique links words to signing

The system, called SiSi (Say It Sign It) was created by a group of students in the UK.

SiSi will enable deaf people to have simultaneous sign language interpretations of meetings and presentations.

It uses speech recognition to animate a digital character or avatar.

IBM says its technology will allow for interpretation in situations where a human interpreter is not available.

It could also be used to provide automatic signing for television, radio and telephone calls.

Cool concept but for some reason, I still prefer word-by-word translation and keep ASL to social—to have a conversation with other signers.

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  1. joseph rainmound

    You should check out a program in the UK called Tessa. This program is a BSL-using avatar designed to provide sign language access in the Royal Mail. I tried it once in the post office and it was a great start – def on the right track.

  2. natech

    Oh really? wow cool. Thanks for the info.

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