Tip #2 – Do you know ASL?

In my recent interview with Google, obviously, I need an interpreter, so in requesting for one, I didn’t say “I’m deaf, I need an interpreter for our interview, so please get one for me.”

Instead, I asked “Do you happen to be fluent in ASL? If not, then we’d need an interpreter.” Then, she replied, “Unfortunately I don’t. Is there a way I can help to find an interpreter for us?” I answered, “Not a problem, I will find one for us, thanks.”

There are two reasons why this is important. First, it further shows that ASL is a natural, legitimate language and that both parties need an interpreter, not just for a deaf person. Secondly, it shows that I’m independent, not like a baby that screams for milk. The interviewer has too many things going on and I do not want to add one more thing to her list that she has to find an interpreter. Plus, she never worked with a deaf person before so she wouldn’t know where to go to find an interpreter.

That is tip #2.