Am I a celebrity?

Something happened that’s never quite happened to me before. Someone recognized me from my blog.

It happened when I was invited over to a friend’s place for BBQ. One girl I know brought her little sister who’s 16 years old.

“Hello, I’d like to introduce you to my sister.”

I said “I’m Nathan, nice to meet you.”

She made a little surprise look on her face. I thought, “what? something under my nose?” She asked her sister, “Is he the one who has a blog,” Her sister said, “Yes, that’s him.”

Then, she said, “Wow, it’s really you in person. I love reading your blog. I never thought I’d meet you.”

I was even surprised too, not really knowing what I should say but said “thanks, didn’t think it was that worthy to read but thank you.”

I looked up the definition of a celebrity. It simply means “a widely known person.” I’m still not widely known but that was a cool feeling, though. :-)