How do I handle my gmail?

This is just going to be a little note of what I usually handle with my gmails.

First of all, gmail is the best web email app around, bar none. It’s light, efficient, fast, and you can check emails anywhere with an access to the internet, on computers or mobile. On top of that, you can search through your emails, which is really what separated it from other hundreds of email services. It also actually check for new mails for you so you don’t have to keep refreshing the page. And there’s no annoying flashing graphical ads that seem to take up half of your screen. Who ever wants that!?

Now, I rarely use archive, I just leave them in my inbox but all of them is marked read or in a light blue background from a white background color. If I get promotions, advertisements, or any non-personal emails, I delete them. Remember, when you delete, it’s going to stay in trash for 30 days, so no worries, if you ever need them again, just find them in the trash. Because I think 30 days is long enough to know that you don’t need them anymore.

Well, you might ask why I don’t bother to use archive? well, I kinda let it archive itself when it goes into the next page and I like to keep having a glance at my current messages on the first page; maybe I might spot some emails that need a reply. I try to mark all of my emails read so that the number of new emails stay at 0 next to the inbox label so it’s easy for me to know if I got a new email or not.

Lastly, this is more of advice, don’t delete your personal messages, keep them or archive them, because in 50 years from now on, you’re going to want to read some of ur old emails and remember the days. Some of your friends or family will be no longer able to email you anymore, so it’s going to be what you have of them. That’s what I said to my friends to convince them to switch to gmail. :-)

I’m going to email to my grandmother after this.