We need to output more.


First, I’m going to share a little story I learned in a math class that led me to the idea of outputting. I remember one of the beautiful things about mathematics was this concept called a function.

One time I was sitting in a math class and the teacher was explaining what does a function mean and that we will start using f(x), not y anymore. He drew this simple picture on the blackboard. It looked somewhat like a bin that you put something into it (input) and something would come out (output). So, the bin is like a function. You insert a number into the “bin” and it undergoes some kind of transformation, actually a function, and a new number comes out. Isn’t that wonderful? It can go backwards too, so you can go either way. I thought that was the most simple thing about mathematics and make the problem appear less complicated. This process concept can be applied to many things, for instance, like ourselves.

We especially as deaf people need to OUTPUT more. It doesn’t matter what that might be. Writing, blogging, vlogging, signing, coding, painting, drawing, publishing papers, building websites, so on. There could never be enough output. It doesn’t do any good if you’re doing nothing or making no output. If you have something to share, tell. Don’t be keeping things to yourself because uh how could other people know? It’s even better if you could put on some kind of medium like papers, blogs, pictures, or vlogs because they are reusable and you don’t have to be telling stories over and over. That’s old. In the past, it costs some money to publish stories. Now? it’s nearly free! Anyone can publish.

It is my prediction that in the next few years, we will possibly see the greatest growth in the deaf community ever. No longer do we have to depend on someone to produce media for us like major newspapers. We can make our own news now. We finally have a way to share ASL vlogs easily and it’s spreading like a wildfire. A person doesn’t have to find a deaf person to learn ASL. S/he can look at ASL videos and learn. It’s a little strange to meet a person who has learned some ASL but never met a single deaf person before! Of course, the best way to learn is to hang out with deaf people. The more people learn ASL, the better it will be for us. They will be more likely to support us and respect us as a linguistic culture. They will seek ways to help improve education for deaf kids, bring better accessibility and build more technology.

The only way for people to know more about us is by outputting. Go write something, make vlogs, arts, publish research papers, anything. That is how we advance as a society.

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  1. jackie

    Hi,I’ve just learned that one of DHHS staff told me she was traveling to different schools in Minnesota doing research on the deaf. She finds that there’s more and more cohlear implants on kids. She admited that we need more deaf mentors to feed the parents and stop making them become oralists because it may effect them later in their life. And, it is because the parents knows nothing about deafness and thinks cohlear implant solves their problems which is a big “N-O” She asked if I’d be one of the deaf mentor and I said I’d love to do that but the problem is from where I live is very far away. I’d do it if it is in daytime and be back for my family. I’d love to give workshops and do whatever it takes to teach the parents about deafness and more. Of course, I’d have to take courses and attend workshops for myself to do more research on this however I’m interested to know if I can make this a day time job and be home a lot. I have four children and a wonderful husband. If I were single and have no children. I’d take it very well. I’m trying to figure out what to do. I think we need to protest against Cohlear Implant on minors!!!! Agree anyone? It is kind of destroying the kids who are practicing to hear and talk right. Where’s their freedom of choice and from their natural birth. Cohlear Implant isn’t gonna last long. How about their future in sports? Can they play with Cohlear Implant on? Can’t imagine, a football player hit him where the cohlear implant is. Ouch! Cohlear Implant is nonsense and waste of time! I don’t think parents are aware of that. So, we need to feed more informations about going against Cohlear Implant and teaching them to talk. I take Love and Logic class and I believe we must love your children no matter what they are and raise them as a responsible kid and they will love you back when they’re out there. Anyone agree with me?

  2. To: Jackie

    I’m from Minnesota too. I’m interested in what you’ve commented. E-mail me at sonnyjames at yahoo dot com

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