Nice blog by a late-deafened man who lost most of his nerve hearing and is trying to learn ASL.

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Roy Talyer’s blog: a New World called Deafness.

Living life as a hearing person with all of the sounds of our world and then being faced with the transitions from the hearing world to total silence in the Deaf world is an overwhelming challenge.

As I said in part nine The reality is that I need to deal with and handle the mix of concerns I have of feelings of isolation, frustration and despair, being cautious and alert to any changes and feelings again of being alone in a very silent world. I suspect that in some way these concerns will always be with me. There is a very important area that should never be overlooked.

That important area is the level of support from family and friends. My wife has been a great source of support and is in the ASL course learning ASL with me. The following is from a letter I received from my wife’s sister, my sister in-law. She continues on with how fortunate I am.
“Although you cannot “fix” the deafness problem, you can adapt to it and that is what you are doing now. While you are unfortunate in your deafness, you are fortunate that this is 2007 and not 1907 or even l957 when you would have been without the computer and other advanced hearing-assistance devices. As studied by psychologists. The first stage of this type problem is denial, where you don’t acknowledge, or minimize or ignore what is happening. The second stage is anger/depression. Then comes acceptance and resolution.”

I am very fortunate to have family and friends so supportive.

With this kind of support I believe I have begun the process of acceptance, though this is not easy to do. So many times I have asked again WHY? Why me? My answer is of course, why not? there are many other people in the silent world and if they can survive so can I. So I think that keeping an important record of my journey helps me to be focused and seriously move forward to overcome my fears and concerns of not hearing.
And when the day comes that I write a book it hopefully can help others cope and overcome similar problems. Please read more in part eleven of….

Interesting blog!