Nice article by a Duke student who met a group of Gallaudet students in Bahama over spring break.

“The learning process never ends, even on vacation.” by Megan Bode.

“My most important experience, however, had nothing to do with personal adaptation to an unfamiliar environment. On our first day in the hotel, we met a group of deaf kids across the hall. One of them, David, had some hearing, and was able to tell us that they were college students at Gallaudet, a school for the hearing-impaired. He taught us the American Sign Language alphabet, so that we had a rudimentary means of communicating. Clumsily using our hands, we made friends with the kids across the hall — inviting them over for drinks, playing games, and hanging out at clubs.”

It’s interesting that hearing people would have misconceptions about deaf people having some difficulty time to co-exist with their world. Of course we would find ways to get along, just a little patience and some open-mindedness are all it takes.

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  1. How true. Except that I’m incredibly impatient. :-)


  2. deaf adult

    Kids??!! I expected to read about 8 year olds, not college students. Would the Duke students call a group of Georgetown students ‘kids’?? Kinda condescending, if you ask me.

  3. cali

    Interesting! Is it possible to link to the original article? When I click on the link you provided, it takes me right back here. Thanks.

  4. megan bode

    To the poster above- I am the author of this article. If you check out my other writing, you’ll see that I always refer to people my own age as “kids.” Just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings. Thanks for reading!

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