with Flickr images!

I’ve added Flickr images section to the They all are automatically taken from Flickr that are tagged with ‘Deaf’.

I’ve also fixed Google News to show bubble tooltips and replaced MSNBC News with Technorati since there was something funny with MSNBC’s news feed.

After working on the website for about a week and receiving emails/comments from all of you, I decided that the emphasis will be on the news services such as Google, BBC, and Yahoo. I realize there is too many Deaf blogs out there now and I don’t feel right to decide what should be on the page or shouldn’t. So, there will be some changes to

Something BIG is coming soon that is going to knock your eyes out.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. Rene Visco

    Looking forward to get my eyes knocked out! :)

  2. BEG

    What would be cool is some way of customizing it, say the viewer would get to add in which blog feeds they wanted. But then that gets into somehow saving (cookies, or accounts) those settings. Still pretty cool. Or, why not just have all the blogs there, but collapsed, and the reader can choose which to open?

    Very cool to watch this being developed…

  3. MacUSER

    Hi all guys,

    Netvibes is the best rss aggregator! the magazine Wired noted it as the best of best!!

  4. Keep it up with good work.

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