– ASL vlog – in response to Teri Sentelle

And apparently, this is my first ASL vlog, hehe. I also talked about why I made

Teri Sentelle’s vlog on

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  1. Great vlog! looks interesting. Keep up with more cool ideas!!


  2. kira

    I adore ur first vlog! Iam so glad to see and know u as Nathan!!! :)

  3. hi, glad to meet you :)

    enjoyed watching your first vlog, hope you’ll vlog more in future.

    all the best with deafpulse, hope it’ll do well. :)

  4. Jessica

    Glad you overcome your stage fright to do your first vlog. Bravo! Will have to check Deaf Pulse out to get an idea of what that is all about. I still enjoy Deaf Read though.

  5. Nice vlog. Nice to meet you! Vlogs are the way to go!

  6. Thanks everybody for your comments. It’s a little weird seeing myself on the video but from time to time, I will do more vlogs.

  7. Hey!! You did a beautiful job in Vlog. Please keep up vlogging. Smile!


  8. Zoee Nuage

    Hey Nathan! I found your blog! :)
    I had no idea you created Deaf Pulse. Way to go. I just noticed it the other day and enjoy it and will keep checking it as often as i can. Keep it up.

    Also, props on the vlog :) I finally did one too. It can be quite scary!!


  9. Jessica

    After a long and busy day, here I am sitting and trying to catch up on where I left off this morning. I decided to check Deaf Pulse out and I want to tell you this, I am impressed with how things are organized! I do really like the design concept there. I like how certain information is grouped and the way everything is there on one page to look at. Good job.

  10. Joey Baer

    Wow – other great idea to keep track of Deaf related blogs/news! Congrats.

    You should vlog more often – that’s my nature! :)

  11. Aw! Don’t be scared!

    You did a fine job expressing your thoughts in ASL!

    I am glad you are inspired to continue working on your innovative project! It is so NEAT!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. natech

    Aidan, thanks! Your feed will come out today.

    Zoee Nuage, I got your email! Saw your vlog, you have some specks of ASL, keep it up! Will reply to your email soon.

    Jessica, thanks for your comments. Definitely will keep improving it.

    Joey and Teri, thanks! I’ll do more vlog later, probably to talk about

  13. Pam

    Good job! Im proud of you :)

  14. Zoee Nuage

    Heh i try with the asl :) I know i have a long way to go but i’ll keep at it. Looking forward to the email!

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