now with YouTube ASL videos feed!

I got so inspired by watching “Through Deaf Eyes” on the PBS channel that I decided to come straight home from a friend’s place to finish working on the addition of YouTube ASL videos. There was a big bug to be worked out with Internet Explorer browser to make those video thumbnails to be rendered ok.

The link:

One new feature is the “bubble tooltip” that will appear when you move your mouse over the news title item. It’ll give a short description of the news so you don’t have to click through to read it. Just FYI, not each of them has one, like Google News so I am working on that now.

Someone suggested adding more news feeds, so I’ve made three more news feed. They are BBC news, MSNBC news, and ASL from Google News. Let me know if you find them useful. Thanks, CK!

The documentary about “Through Deaf Eyes” got me really inspired that I’ve never been more proud to be Deaf. I value our language, ASL—-I cannot imagine not using the language—-and know that we can do much anything but hear. President King Jordan made a point that there are different ways to be deaf and no matter what the technological advances there may be, deaf people will always continue to exist. Marlee Matlin also made a good point that since she can speak pretty well, why cannot she use it? it is a skill as much as she can act well. She never meant to offend the deaf community or to show that she thinks she’s better than us. She does have a beautiful ASL with strong expressions that I was a little surprised she can speak well too. For example, while King Jordan likes to speak for himself, his ASL isn’t really that smooth or fluent. His style is more SEE so it wasn’t a big surprise that he can still speak well.

I’ll be waiting for this PBS documentary to be out on torrents so I can download and save it forever. Gotta love Vital Signs too. Loved his ASL storytelling. It is art. Someone ought give them an award.