Harry Potter star Emma Watson has reportedly refused to sign.

Potter star refuses to sign up for final films.

Haha, is she playing hard to get or what? how typical of girls. Well, I don’t blame her. Ever since I saw her on the screen for the first time as a young precocious girl, I knew she was gonna be hot, in the same sense that Natalie Portman is now.

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  1. That just sucks when an actor decide not to finish the remaining sequels. This is why I knew Harry Potter films were sort of doomed from the start because the author didn’t finish the last book. It doesn’t make sense to make a series of movies based on an incomplete storyline.

    Take a look at Lord of the Rings and Pirates of Caribbean movies. Those were filmed back-to-back which keeps the actors consistent with their character roles and saves more of their time. Oh, well! Hope other movie makers learn from this!

  2. asdf

    No cuz they want her to be nude in this movie. Thats why she refused to sign till they increase money.

  3. natech

    Oh really? do you have a source to support that speculation?

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