I did it!

I’ve created a Deaf news aggregator website showing different feeds from popular news search sites and Deaf blogs. It’s called!

It’s such a relief to finally get it to be released, though it’s somewhat still raw and in beta. I’m quite satisfied with the design. I might make another CSS file for those who prefer whitespace over dark. I’ll be open to suggestions that you think should be on the feed. And If you like it, spread the word! Thanks.

Also, I’m already working on the next version to include ASL videos, images, and most popular posts, so it should be pretty dynamic and useful.

Ok, time for me to go to bed. I’m exhausted but weirdly happy. I’ll come back later to check the progress/status of this new website, whether you find it useful or not. I’m excited!

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  1. What’s your point? After all, we have RSS feed/subscribe.

    But it’s kewl, anyway.

  2. N

    Very cool…everything in one place. I like it.

  3. Mark B

    This is a nice idea, and it allows me to see if a particular site has new contents (I especially like that you set a seperate column for Ridorlive, Kalalau’s Corner, etc…). Great job!

  4. What is needed is a search specific to all the Deaf blogs, news, scholarly papers, etc. that picks up on many keywords, authors, mentions, and so on. In the Information Age we need more tools that help us analyze as well as collect.

  5. Wow, that is really creative and I like features of your aggregator web site. It would be great if you could also create the aggregator web site for young people because their schools tend to prevent many web sites that have adult themed links and they need to find web sites that don’t have any links that lead to adult themed web sites. Again, I really like your new web site and hope you will continue developing it. : ) – Ron, and –

  6. JD

    This is for your own personal aggregator website or this for everyone? Is that just the prototype?

  7. SkyBlue

    Awesome. Keep it up, Nathan. Cuttin’ edge! :)


  8. Well, I can see this is just a good start so thanks for your time preparing it.

    Will you consider adding more blog/vlog pages that talk about deaf education and deaf heritage? These topics are important and should be included for parents of deaf children who would benefit from this as well. How about includ Amy’s and my site as well?

    Keep up with your good work!

  9. typo!

    How about including Amy’s and my site as well?

  10. Thanks all for your comments. Keep them coming!

    JD – it’s for everyone. I’ll be adding more feeds and some features like mouseover preview excerpts without having to click on the link.

    Barb Digi – I’m gonna add yours and Amy next. :-)

    Also, it’s possible that I might change the feeds placement if that feed doesn’t update that often.

  11. I don’t know why my first comment was not published. I am not going to rewrite again.
    I am here to respond to Barb- You forgot me and other vloggers. *wah* *wah* What about other vloggers like me should be added as well? Wink and Smile. Maybe you feel that Amy and you are too good for us.. Just kidding… Smile! I understand what you mean.. :o)
    I don’t know why the first comment that I made was not published.
    As I said that I would get my own RSS Aggregator website where it has no FAVORISM.
    I just learned about RSS aggregator website yesterday. Three of us are working on it.
    Nathan- You just gave me a hope. You could do it means other people could do it as well.
    Thank you..

  12. asdf

    Thats is an Idiot! You are Tech person.. LOL

  13. sano

    I’m not convinced that this is a better solution than DeafRead. Why would I be interested in using this service? DeafRead has decent search functionality that will do the exact same thing as what this site does.

  14. The page isn’t final yet. I’ll be adding more feed content over time. YouTube ASL videos are coming soon. I never meant to shun anyone from the website or that they aren’t “good enough” to be on the page. I look for the ones that are active and try to make it diverse along with different opinions.

    Chris, it was never intended as a “solution” to Deafread. Just another news feed portal website to give the audience more options to seek news and blogs.

    Aidan, I’m glad that it gave you some hope/ideas to create your own aggregrator. I look forward to it!

  15. ck

    great website – i think maybe add more news websites? as for the blogs, we already have

    will def check it out from time to time. thanks!

  16. natech

    CK, thanks! Yeah, I’m noticing that those news websites are useful. I’ll look for more. I’m also thinking about adding sections like technology, deaf schools, and arts to bring in more traffic to those sites.

  17. Rene Visco

    Wow…cool! 20-80 makes sense. I do look forward to your implementation of videos and photos.

    I’m working on iTunes friendly media RSS feed for LightKitchen. Let me know if you’re interested in adding it to!

    I love the colors and how you implemented Google ads on the top banner. Classy!

    Rene Visco

  18. Congrats for your successful. I think is good feature and useful for readers. Keep it up! *THUMBS UP*

  19. natech

    Rene, yes, I am planning to add a section for Arts, so when your RSS is up, I’ll add it.

    Alice, thanks for your encouragement!

  20. Rene Visco

    The video thumbnails is cool. Glad you’re inspired by Through Deaf Eyes. The more I think about it, you can add more bloggers with the option of “expanding” and “collapsing” each section. Suppose I’m not that crazy about Ridor (I like him), I’ll collapse his blog section, making room for others. So, many bloggers can fit in one page, etc. I honestly think DeafPulse nails it right with its layout. It’s impressive. It’s more like a “web app”, not a website.

  21. natech

    that is a good idea. I’ll try to add a collapsible function. Thanks, Rene.

  22. PR


    It’s a cool website. It’s like going to a library and have the time of my life choosing what I want to read.

    Keep up the good work!


  23. asdf

    I dont see any point to use this.. I rather stick with You are hurting Get a life!!!

  24. DT

    asdf, the points have been made above; there’s room for everybody. Deafread, I am sure, would not appreciate seeing this kind of commentary from you! So why dontcha make like a turd and go lay on the front lawn for a while?

  25. Well done! I really like Ron’s idea (comment #5). I look forward to enjoying more of your new creations.

  26. natech

    Asdf, you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t see how it’s hurting Deafread. I think it brings more traffic to them. Care to explain a little more specific?

    DT, haha, glad to see someone has some sense of humor!

    Noah, new features and additions are coming. Stay tuned!

  27. natech

    PR, exactly. You read my mind. That’s what I have in mind when I decided to create Everyone’s got the right to choose what they wish to see.

  28. DeafRead Killer

    You know that Deafread editors screen every entry according to their preferences.

    I LOVE your idea allowing the RSS system take care of feeding new entries without human editors and that entitles readers to make their own choices, not following Deafread’s preferences. I like to make my own choices reading my favorite blogs or vlogs including their posts. I notice Deafread editors does not include every post by each blogger or vlogger. They make “Deafread Extra” as a fine print. It’s absurb having so many editors to do the screening. You nail it on the head!

    Go DeafPulse Go!

    PS: Deafread is panicked now, since they now have this stupid voting system. It is a pain in the ass logging in and voting. Who would want to waste time logging and voting and then reading!

  29. natech

    Yeah, I realize that, so I guess that’s what makes appealing, without editor screenings. I suppose competition is a good thing for this kind of business; it helps get things done. Regardless, it’s not going to kill is just another news feed you can go to.

  30. Ronald

    It is more interesting for me to browse because it is so easy access to find what I want to look for. I will use it all the time for my resreach for my professional.
    I am really glad that you developed this wonderful website I have ever!
    Keep up

    Ronald from Canada

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