Kottke.org’s first post

Jason Kottke’s blog just turned 9 years old. His first post was on March 14, 1998, so that is quite a long time! He’s like my blog idol and when I saw his first post, it’s exactly why I started this blog and to develop my web development skills too.


I decided I needed to start writing things down. Because I forget. Because I think better and feel better when I write. I used to write often but got away from it. So here it is again. But you ask: “Jason, why not keep a private diary?” Because I’d never keep up a private diary…I need to force myself to write this. So, I made it into content. Since it’s content, I feel obligated to keep it up-to-date.

See these games I have to play with myself?

posted a link about how Deaf people prefer to be called deaf or hard of hearing, not deaf-mutes or hearing-impaired. He also mentioned about how Deaf people are using YouTube to communicate with their first language, ASL.

It’s true. I do feel better when I write. Gotta keep blogging!