Future iPhone for Deaf people

Last weekend when my buddies and I were en route to upstate NY near Vermont for our snowboarding trip, we were talking about different technology and VRS services for deaf people, then I had this sudden idea/imagination. The future is soon here. Why? look below at the mock-up pictures I’ve made.

VRS interpreter on iPhone

Video conferencing with two people on iPhone

Yup, the future is soon here.

We’ve been dreaming how nice it would be to use ASL to place calls on our mobile phones. Guess what? That is gonna happen soon, with next generation (maybe third generation) iPhone when it has a built-in camera with a wifi connection. I’ve made a mock-up pics using photoshop.

Imagine when you’re at a restaurant or dealing with a hearing person, all you have to do is to call an interpreter from your iPhone and s/he will interpret everything what you say and what the hearing party say. I can’t wait!

If you are tempted to buy iPhone when it comes out this summer, I understand but I’ll be waiting till it has a built-in camera. While you’re at it, you might as well want to buy some Apple stocks. :-)


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  1. It includes a built-in 2mp camera, but I’m sure it will one day be capable of video… great mock-up shots, I want to send this post to Apple to get them to think about seriously supporting videophone technology (if they’re not already)!

  2. natech

    Oh that’s right, I overlooked the part that it already has a 2mp camera but doesn’t have wifi yet. It’s just a matter of when. HOVRS has an upper hand on this because they support VRS on iChat. And iPhone will include iChat program. Awesome!

  3. My dream is a built-in projector which has already been invented (or currently under development):

    Then we can talk with a person without holding the pager. An even better device would be one that has a hologram.

  4. simply have the gov’t loosen the restriction of video telephony for 3G network here in usa and we’d come up with great services from vrs…

  5. VRS terps are gonna hate that one because they would have to deal with a video phone held by human hands with the natural jerky movements. :-)

    This future phone with video would have to come with it’s own small stand so you could set it down on a table or a level surface. It would also need a zoom camera so you aren’t stuck sitting at a certain distance to maximize the capture area around you as you sign to the phone.

  6. Marlene

    I talked with one Apple Store manager and wrote down a list of needs for the iPhone: strong vibrations, font sizing, CC movies, 911 service, data plan, VRS, and downloadable books. (Audio books will be included in this device, so why not books we can read?) Manager kept saying “good idea…never thought of this or that” and would send email to upper management. I sent an email, too, but never heard anything back from Apple Corp.

  7. It’s all about progress/evolution. Eventually they will happen. A matter of when.

    Jared, you’re right, I guess the caller will need to place the phone somewhere on the table or have someone to hold it steady. WE’ll come up with something. Technology!

  8. Gabe is correct; The iPhone, AFAIK, still uses the slower network for data transmissions, and is ill-suited for live video.

    Once the next-generation wireless technologies are here and in widespread use, then this could be very feasible.

  9. Ze7

    This iPhone has built-in camera but not in front of you, it is back of the iphone so it cant be live chat!

  10. sano

    Have you heard of the Mobile ASL project at the University of Washington? This project addresses this very issue. Cell phones today could easily support video, but cellular (networking) technology in the United States isn’t at a point where it could support video transfers at a rate that would be satisfactory to any of us.

  11. Good question about the camera being on the back, not on the front, so that would prove to be difficult for us to use it as a live streaming video. We gotta let Apple know and see what they can come up with. I used wifi (54 mbps) using iChat on my macbook pro and it worked fine. I’m very sure that engineers at Apple have plans for iPhone to incorporate iSight in the not very far future.

    Sano – yes, I’ve seen their website and it looks promising. Once they are able to nail down the codecs and test different video transfer rates, surely we will find a way to bring it to feasibility.

    I know I may sound too much of an optimist but it’s gonna happen!

  12. Ze7

    I though you might interest so I found a link about Apple iPhone: iChat?

  13. Said it’s fake but looks good! thanks for sharing the link .

  14. Ze7

    Yeah, I know but it will be nice if Apple is working on it.

  15. Peggy

    Please let me know asap. How much, where to order, etc. Thanks Peggy



  17. ilikeasl

    Love the future iPhone. How much will it cost us? Any chance of full rebate?

  18. dale saline

    i like to more info about iphone and more picture show thanks

  19. I like to get more info about iphone and cost ???

  20. Iris

    soud good for deaf need and also equal with hearing peoples. Best asl and how much cost for that? pls let me know soon
    have a nice day. smile thank you for information about iphone..

  21. Gloria castro

    hello i like that future deaf iphone wowow

  22. George

    cool it better and how about homolog yet lol??

  23. Tina

    soud good for deaf need and also equal with hearing peoples. Best asl and how much cost for that? pls let me know soon
    have a nice day.

  24. Colleen

    it is good idea and it is worthy for deaf people need viedo communiction with two people on iPhone. please let me know how much cost? thanks

  25. Cathy

    Cool! Deaf people should be very happy as long as they cannot heard, but can have everything as well!

  26. laura

    look for the movie called..”babel” they are already using this kind of technology in china and they have stands on it so u have to put it down when u talk to it. its ALREADY out there! and the movie was good,too!

  27. I was thinking to get a iPhone after I finished my Sidekick 3 for 1 year contract. I heard much about iPhone and I will test on keyboard if i feel comfortable. Now, I heard more positive news about iPhone have wifi and could work on HOVRS and new software for VRS to install into iPhone Applications. I love to use my Apple computers since 1997 to now. I am glad that Apple could give iPhone program to be flexible for us to use VRS. GREATLY!

  28. Anna

    will it work in rurals how good range is? T-mobile is not working range in the country, rurals especially.

  29. Meg

    Wow! Good One and let me know asap when its born and spread out in stores! Pls, thanks ;)

  30. tim

    keyboard touch will be last longer ?? sidekick keyboard with rubber or plastic dont stay longer will fall off. you know. i wonder ipod will be easier keyboard touch without trouble at all.

  31. Nick

    While that would be nice, the current models won’t work as a Mini-VP….

    The camera part is on the WRONG side… on the back… we would not be able to see the picture at the same time.

  32. maria pinner

    i ask u i through about it my sk3 used 6 months can used t-mobile ip phone vp camera? frist time i want learn more deep about my new sk3 can set up mini vp ? let me kow thank you maria pinner

  33. Nicole


    It really great idea. My concern about wireless phone company.. I notice in the picture and cinglaur will have iphone but I did not like cinglaur. I am hoping for verizon or tmobile is fine with me.

  34. Janice

    cool, most of deaf people need to have wireless videophone we would love to have them very much for sure. we are looking forward them. good for deaf People for not need to depend hearing people to call for us. hope that wireless videophone will be ready to go soon as possible. hope not too expensive.


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