Barack Obama for President 08!

I just made my first ever contribution to a politician! $25 dollars. I joined in this facebook group called One Million Strong for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama donations

I feel he represents what America’s all about: dreams, hardships (like he started out as a community organizer that earns $13k a year and drove a rusty tercel car and look what’s happened to him? he’s now a U.S. senator with a desire to become the President. Also, his father wasn’t around when he was young and her white mother had to take care of him and experienced racism), diversity, hope, and vision.

Frankly, I’m just tired of what’s going on in Washington with Iraq War and bickering between two parties. We just need something new to start with and get the economy back on the track.

Let’s hope he wins the democratic nomination bid, and then to the White House!