Gallaudet Bison logo

Something interesting happened. I have a program that keeps track of my web statistics and one of them is a search keyword that tells me what people enter and leads them to my blog. There’s a whole bunch of different keywords but one keyword caught my attention.

Google Search: Gallaudet Bison Logo

Click the link above. You’ll see that my blog comes out first at the top on Google. What? Are you serious? my blog is the most relevant for that search? more relevant than any Gallaudet’s webpage? Boy, Gallaudet ought hire a professional web consultant to help bring more traffic to their website and indexes every page. I think I did read somewhere that Gallaudet has paid a lot of money to redesign their front page.

Since people were trying to find a logo for Gallaudet, I feel bad that I let them down as I didn’t put up a logo so here’s one here!