My feet

Despite being a man, I’m rather conscious of my own hygiene. I try to shower everyday and wash from my ears to feet. I’d try different shampoo products, preferably the ones that give volume to my hair since my hair foliage must have some Pennzoil in them and my hair becomes very oily within a day or so. So that’s why I gotta shower often to wash and de-oily my hair. I’ve been using Pantene Sheer Volume two-in-one shampoo + conditioner. It’s pretty good, does give my hair to be “poofy” and more importantly, saves the heck of a lot of time by combining two in one. :-D

Now, about my feet. I was sitting in my chair and sometimes I’d move my leg up onto the chair and sort of rest on my knee with my left arm. Well, that’s when I started to smell my foot. You know, our nose is pretty powerful and can detect a lot of things like I read about this guy who works at NASA and his job is to smell everything in the space shuttle prior to the launch to detect anything that might have a chemical leak. Imagine that? A nose-smeller. Google it up, I’m not kidding you.

When I smelled my foot, I thought I smelled something distinctive and interesting. It’s like those scent you know you cannot smell anywhere else. So I smelled my feet more closely and tried to think of anything that might resemble the smell. Well, I couldn’t think of one. Nothing quite smells like it.

Now, don’t get grossed out. Remember, I shower everyday so I wash my feet as well. It doesn’t have this body odor that is found in men’s locker and doesn’t really have a smell that would be considered awful. It’s just distinctive and strangely unique. It’s also addicting because when I smell it, the more I want to smell it again. Ha, I think this post will make me the weirdest guy in the entire blogosphere. Well, that’s just me.