Washington – 113 Chicago – 103

That’s the final score of the game at the Verizon Center I got back from. It’s my first time watching Chicago Bulls play against the Wizards. Ofc, I was disappointed to see the Bulls lose but it was cool to watch them play in front of my eyes instead of a tube. It was pretty amazing to see how reliable they can knock down baskets during warm-ups, even Ben Wallace too. The best shooter has to be Gilbert Arenas of the Wizards. It’s unbelievable how he can get off a shot and he has a feather-like touch to the ball that gets him nothing but the net. He just brings up the ball and snap his wrist and it’s gonna be in. Ben Gordon was also awesome but it’s too bad that he is pretty short at like 6’1”. He’d be much more lethal if he was taller like Dwayne Wade.

My friend, William Tai, was the one who got tickets for me. He got them pretty cheap because they were employee discount tickets and we sat in the section 219, not too bad, better than the upper section. It was a college night on Wednesday so there were lots of kids sitting in the upper level with a few visible empty seats. He said he loves going to the Verizon center so that’s cool. Now I know who to tag with.

It was cool to see Ben Wallace too. His body is made of irons and he looks more like a football tight end than he is a basketball player. He has quick hands, anticipate rebounds well and can move like a guard. I got a laugh from watching poor Mike Sweetney, number 50. He has the widest body on the floor and he does possess some post moves and I feel if he really works hard to lose some fat, maintain his weight, and become more mobile, he’d make a terrific player that would give a post presence to his team. There’s a reason why he is a professional in the first place.

After watching them play on the floor, it’s a little hard to imagine that they’re earning millions of dollars to play the sport and have us as fans to come watch them play. In the purest sense, they are just like us who enjoy playing basketball and they just so happen to be bigger, taller and faster. They look like everyone else and it’s the media that makes them look larger than life. I think the best part about going to games is not to witness them in person but to hang out with your friends, have some beers, eat juicy burgers, and do some yelling/booing to support your favorite team. That’s truly it’s all about.

-354 days to go.