Gallaudet needs a new Bison logo, with ASL!

I was having my usual fix with, an excellent and the only Deaf news aggregator website and came upon this picture link. It’s a cool cartoon art and something struck me, an idea being sparked.

Since ASL is a visual language, it means we can incorporate ASL on any visual medium, like “ILY” sign on postal stamps to newly hot medium, vlogs. Why not we create a new Gallaudet Bison logo showing some kind of ASL? Perhaps a bison signing “bison” with both hands in fists? with some smoke coming out of the nose and a tough-looking grin. Or a Bison signing G for Gallaudet. I wish I can draw like Michelangelo but I draw like both hands are left. We have a lot of talented Deaf artists and surely someone can do it.

I’m a big sports fan and teams logo is something that I find myself discussing often with my sports friends. We would discuss if this particular logo makes a nice logo and whether it reflects the team well. Sometimes, a team would update its logo and we’d discuss if it’s an improvement. In my opinion, New England Patriots has the best NFL logo and Houston Rockets has the ugliest NBA logo.

I think the new logo would sharply reflect what Gallaudet is all about and give more exposure to American Sign Language. Let’s see a Bison logo with ASL!

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  1. Rene Visco

    NEw England Patriots, the best NFL logo!? I don’t think so. It’s Pittsburgh Steelers logo!!!!!

  2. buzzair

    Did you know that they won? I just read about it on CNN. The board of trustees at Gallaudet University announced Sunday it was withdrawing the appointment of Jane K. Fernandes as president.

  3. Rene, let me guess, you’re a Steelers fan? It’s a classic logo, for sure. Same with the Jets or the Packers.

    Yeah, saw that on the, wow. The next big challenge is to follow up, bigger enrollment numbers, improved graduation rate to show that the protest means something and is pivotal.

  4. Rene Visco

    You got that right! I’m a big Steelers fan.

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