Mini Ipod battery replacement DIY

While I was browsing for good informative sites for my new macbook, I happened to stumble onto this website,, it sells replacement parts for all ipods and powerbooks. My mini ipod’s battery is dearly fucked up; it craps out even after being charged fully. I found out that it’s actually my fault because you aren’t supposed to leave the ipod charging all the time (I left it on the car charger) as it will wear out the battery. Just unplug it when it is fully charged, not leave it on.

So, I ordered the battery replacement, with some extra juice at 600 maH, 50% more than the original battery, so I hope it will work out better. Can’t wait. And save myself some moola from purchasing another ipod, although I’m tempted to buy the new sidekick 3 which can play mp3 songs off the miniSD card. It’s your fault, Kyung!

Battery replacement DIY instructions