Mini Ipod battery replacement DIY

While I was browsing for good informative sites for my new macbook, I happened to stumble onto this website,, it sells replacement parts for all ipods and powerbooks. My mini ipod’s battery is dearly fucked up; it craps out even after being charged fully. I found out that it’s actually my fault because you aren’t supposed to leave the ipod charging all the time (I left it on the car charger) as it will wear out the battery. Just unplug it when it is fully charged, not leave it on.

So, I ordered the battery replacement, with some extra juice at 600 maH, 50% more than the original battery, so I hope it will work out better. Can’t wait. And save myself some moola from purchasing another ipod, although I’m tempted to buy the new sidekick 3 which can play mp3 songs off the miniSD card. It’s your fault, Kyung!

Battery replacement DIY instructions

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  1. buzzair

    SK3…do we need to drink more pitchers of Blue Moon and get into another heated discussion about this?

  2. Haha, maybe but I think this time, it’s no contest. Blackberries can’t even snap a shot or play songs. Take that!

  3. buzzair

    That’s what my camera and ipod are for :) Look at you who just posted the replacement ipod battery trick. You don’t need another mp3 player
    I’ll never settle for the quality of camera phones. I like to zoom, take pics at night, action shots, etc… Give me my canon anyday.
    By combining everything in one, they sacrifice quality for quantity.

  4. haha, the sk3 will change your life! :) i got rid of my ipod after my sk3 – no need for it anymore!

  5. Sure thing, Buzz. That’s if you don’t mind carry a canon, ipod and ur blackberry 24/7. Also, why limit yourself to only one “quality” camera? I usually use my sidekick for quirky shots to show the quirky side of myself. :-)

    Kyung, as of right now, my sidekick 2 is holding on to its dear life. I’d hate to buy the sidekick 3 now, then like tomorrow, they announce a price drop. Hate when that happens!

  6. Very true, nate. sometimes, you just find yourself in an unexpected situation, and you don’t have your nice SLR camera with you. Sure, it’d be nice to take the picture with a nice prosumer or SLR camera, but when you can’t, it is nice to have a cameraphone as a backup. Better than nothing!

    Convergence is not about quality, nor is it meant to replace every device with no loss of quality. If quality is an issue, then yes, take your ipod, camera, and phone with you everywhere you go (along with 3 different chargers if you’re travelling). But having said all that, even if the sidekick 3 did not have a camera and mp3 player, I would take it over a blackberry any day. Don’t get me wrong, bbs are great phones (they don’t call them crackberries for nothing), but the sk3 has the UI down pat. The keyboard can’t be beat. The screen dimensions are perfect for chatting and simple browsing.

    But that’s just me. To each his own.

  7. buzzair

    Situation…you walking down the street listening to your music and all the sudden something strikes your fancy that you want to take a grainy picture of. You rip the headphones out of your ears, close your chats, and take the picture.

    Me, I’m listening to music, I see something, I take out my camerae while the music is still blasting away, take a nice good quality shot. :)
    But your right Kyung, to each his own and I’m not going to try to convince Nate anymore. There isn’t enough Blue Moon in the world.

  8. thanks, buzzair. but just for the record, the sk3 can multitask, so i can listen to my tunes, keep all my chats and web pages open, and snap a pic. :)

    but yeah, you like your blackberry and i like my sk3. we’ll leave it at that, because all the beer and arguing won’t change anything. :)

  9. Haha! SK3 still can play songs while you snap a pic. It’s called multitasking. I don’t know about you but I think carrying one device in your pocket is better than having to carry three devices to have your fine entertainment.

    Now you know not to mess with us, the koreans! jk. Again, to each his own. :)

  10. buzzair

    I realize it can multi-task, give me a bit more credit than that :) I’m talking about trying to snap good pictures with headphones in your ears. I would suspect it would be tough because with the MP being so low you’ll have to get close to the object…ie..hold your SK further away from your body. But I digress…Nate, get your SK3 and then show me all the bells and whistles and how you can be just like inspector gadget.

    Oh btw…I just saw that 8100g on sale at CompUSA for 150. :)

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