I just did something that I haven’t done in a long while. That’s to watch three movies in three days straight. For some reason, I stopped being an avid movie watcher. In my hometown, we had an inexpensive video store, unlike Blockbuster, named The Family Video. It’s so cheap to rent movies there, at $1.50 each, new releases. Any cheaper, it’d have to change its name to Thrifty Video Store. My friend Kent and I would nab latest DVDs and watch them with 12” tombstones on our TV stands. That was a good time.

Three movies I watched: Glory Road, Tell Me Guilty, and The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Glory Road is basically another “Remember the Titans” movie on basketball. I’m glad they made the movie to emphasize the significance on the national championship game and what it meant. Even I learned something from it, that Pat Riley was on the Kentucky team and was a key player who led his team to the championship game. Since he and his team lost to Texas Western in the national championship, Pat Riley has amassed seven NBA championships—one as a player, one as an assistant coach and five as a head coach. I think winning those in different ways say a lot about this guy, Pat Riley.

Tell Me Guilty – if it wasn’t for Vin Diesel and his charisma, the movie would have been a lot worse. It seems confused with what kind of style it was going in. Was it supposed to be like Law and Order TV show—with a sense of seriousness and reality or was it like Jim Carrey’s movie in Liar Liar? I guess it was mostly a humorous movie with Vin Diesel making some crackers jokes but considering that it was based on a true story and that it said most of the dialouges were the same in the old case. I found it hard to believe that it would look like that movie. Worst of all, the ending was just too predictable. Everybody knew what it was gonna happen, despite what main characters said. “I give it a week.” Yeah, right. It was over in less than 10 seconds.

The Greatest Game Ever Played – that was a pretty good entertaining game with some cool effects. The actor did a pretty good job portraying a golfer. I get to learn a little more about the golf history and realize that it’s very hard for amateurs to win the U.S. Open right now, at least not with the way Tiger Woods is playing right now. My favorite clip of the whole movie was probably that scene when the boy was able to putt the ball on hardwood into the cup. The ball actually moved left-right a few times before going home into the cup. Another thing I noticed was the crowd. It looks like in the old times, they actually let people stand really really close to golfers, like standing on the green with them and golfers could feel them breathing. I’d love to get that close to Michelle Wie. :-)

Well, that goes my short movie reviews; I’m trying to do more writing.