Perhaps I released a bit too soon…

Thanks to Matthew and Jeff for noticing that the comments module was not working right. It was logged as natech! Just fixed it. I guess I got ahead of myself. -_-”

Just got back from watching the Superman Returns. Wow, what a movie. Talks about getting your eyes feasted with the special effects in the movie. We wonder if it’s the same team that made the Matrix ‘cuz some effects looked alike. I must admit that the jumping/leaping part in the beginning was a little chessy and looked “off” to me but other than that, the effects blew me away. They really gave some thoughts to physics, like slowing down the plane to a stop instead of stopping it, then carrying it off to someplace. More practical to me.

After the movie, we kept talking about the movie. They didn’t get the actress role quite right, like the first Lois Lane was a bit too old (Margot Kidder) and this new one, Kate Bosworth, was a bit too young. I guess Teri Hatcher still makes the best Lois Lane. I was thinking about Jessica Alba but I guess they wanted a white girl, then I thought of Kiera Knightley but she’s not an American. The guy who played Superman was ok; I still liked Christopher Reeves better. He had some charisma and not so much from this guy but he didn’t disappoint me. Kevin Spacey was pretty good but not his best acting. Loved him in the Usual Suspects.

The best part—even it’s romantic—was when Lois was trying to tell Superman that they don’t really have to go flying because her fiancee had a plane and she’s flown many times. Then, Superman said “not like this.” and they’re already well into the sky flying without her noticing that they are.

Now, I want to say something. I’ve been reading that movie sales are declining due to different reasons like better technology in home entertainment and dvds, more convenience to watch at home, tickets are outrageously expensive, and so on but one thing you can’t beat about going to movie theaters is the experience and time spent with friends. Because in twenty years from now, I’ll always remember who did I watch with and the place that I watched from. Basically more memories that away. :-)

I forgot to charge my sidekick last night so it ran out of batter before I was on the way to the movie. Rats. :-/