Well, I’ve finally done it. I decided to finally release it today because if I didn’t, it was never going to be released. I guess I learned something about myself while redesigning my website is that I’m a perfectionist or maybe it’s better to say I’m a detailed person. I find myself seeing little things that makes me dissatisfied and I do something or make changes to it, then I see another thing and another. It’s incredible how much small things you can find, even it’s pretty close to a “finished product.” So, I just told my mind to “shut up” and release it, dammit.

When I was redesigning, I had one goal in mind and that’s to make page refreshes as minimal as can be. Ajax is the answer to that. Although I suck at programming, I’m pretty good at finding useful scripts and figuring out how they work. I explore around for some decent scripts and painfully try to make them to click. The results is what you’re seeing right now—-a one-page navigation. There probably would be some bugs or things that don’t quite work right. If you do, let me know.

I hope it will be a long while before I get the itch to redesign again. Because if it didn’t, it’s going to be one long agonizing process all over again. The pits of being a perfectionist.