Saw this post and thought I’d share it here.

Reason for blogging.

He brought up two good points. He said he blogs for himself and his self-improvement. That is true. That is why I start this website so I can blog whatever comes through my head (which I haven’t done much lately but I’m working on it) and to practice my web design skill (which reminds me to keep working on my redesign; I swear I’ll release it sooner or later). I also enjoy writing, although I’m no Mark Twain or William Faulkner. I just need to write more often and be proud of my progress.

That brings up the second point. As his mother, an English teacher, said you’ll always need to write well – no matter your job.” THAT is very true. I couldn’t agree any more than that nor emphasize that enough. If you can’t write well, you just shot yourself back to the days when cavemen existed. Your pen (I should say keyboard in this millenium, tho) is literally your ticket to being succcessful, that is if you strive for that. Nowadays, there is a demand for nearly having everything being documented, summarized, reported—-you name it. So, if you can write well, you can bet yourself that you’re bound to go somewhere.