Sidekick 3

Sidekick to possibly debut on June 26.

I think I’m getting a little tired of flipping screen. May be time for me to try out another device.

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  1. buzzair

    Blackberry! Welcome back to blogging :)

  2. Nope nothing as usable as the hiptop OS. press a shortcut, click click and you’re done! at least that’s what’s important to me.

  3. natech

    Yeah, agreed. That’s one reason I haven’t given up on my sidekick due to its wonderful shortcuts. But the problem is the limited range. Those blackberry 8700s are eye-candy, although I’m not too crazy about thumb clicking. There’s always pros and cons, ha.

  4. buzzair

    Guess what dudes…Blackberry has shortcuts too. lol

    Check the manual.

    Hiptop…cheap product that breaks easily, doesn’t have as good as coverage as Blackberry due to not using GPS/GPRS, not quad-band therefore outrageous charges when traveling internationally (Canada, Europe).

    The only thing that I like about SK over Blackberry is AIM. But with the new Blackberry you can use third party software such as Ramble AIM that works just as good.

    You want quality? Go with Blackberry.

  5. buzzair

    Check out this .PDF, the 8700 user guide. Its the 4th article from the top.

    There are two pages, 145 – 146 on shortcuts.

  6. Go for the Blackberry! Quality is what count… I switched with my girlfriend’s sidekick for one quarter because it cost too much to use the sk in Canada due to roaming charge.

    It only cost like $5 to $10 extra a month to use the blackberry in Canada and/or other country over $100 or more with sidekick.

    Anyway my point is that, while I had the sidekick for one full quarter. I learned all the shortcut I could learn.. pfft the shortcut on sk are AWFFFFFUUULLLL!!!

    BB’s shortcut is much much much better!!!

    Go for Blackberry, once you give it a chance, you’ll never want to go back to the dark side.

  7. natech

    Yeah, I admit it’s a nice gadget. Will probably get it eventually. Hope I’ll like it.

  8. Meech

    SK are for the slow minded techies who need their hand held when using a pager, BBs are for the blazing fast techies who would crack a SK-III to pieces with a 8700c!

  9. natech

    Even if it’s beaten to pieces, BBs still cannot take a pic of the lovely pile. The OS menu is much more intuitive and BBs has a way too much thumb-clicking.

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