Grr, I need to get myself to a beach and ride those waves!

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  1. Joanne

    Which beach, eh?

  2. natech

    North shore in Hawaii would be sweet but no moola to get there. Probably some beach on the east coast but the water’s cold, so I’d have to buy a wet suit first.

    My friend owns two surfboards and he hasn’t even used them yet. Plan to go there sometime this summer. Got any suggestions?

  3. buzzair

    Ever tried windsurfing..thats a blast.

    By the way..fix my damned link under friends! Its Bezaire, my last name with 1 Z or Buzzair, my nick name. :)

  4. natech

    Ha, ok my apologies. Changed yours to Buzzair. :-)

    Oh yeah, I definitely want to try windsurfing. It’d make a good substitute if there’s no waves and use the wind.

  5. Come on out to the west coast – we’ll head out to the santa cruz beaches and hit the waves.

    i’ve been dying to learn to surf since high school. let’s do it!

  6. natech

    Ah, awesome. Ha, we keep piling up on things we want to do. Food, booze, computers, some other you-know-what-they-are things, and now surfing! I did learn how to surf in Hawaii but the waves were either too strong or weak. But the joy of getting a few seconds of standing on the surfboard before the waves crash me over was incredible. I feel like I was flying. :)

  7. kimmisan



    let’s go to hawaii!

  8. natech

    Which certain korean woman? I heard there’s a lot of korean women in LA… ;)

  9. thats a sick photo hey! Is that The Wedge>>?

  10. natech

    Yeah, looks like it’s made by Morey. You from Hawaii?

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