Fences around Gallaudet University

Last night, my roommate and I went out for a run and decided we’ll stop by Gallaudet University to see the protest. Sure enough, there were students scattered around and camping next to the gate. While running around the campus, it occurred to me why is there a fence around the whole campus? Many people have said it’s because we’re in a bad area, err, black area. I don’t recall any other colleges that have fences around their campus. Do you? I do know that Georgetown University, Howard, Univ of MD, GW and almost all other colleges around DC area don’t have fences.

To me, I really don’t think it’s cuz of the “bad area” Gallaudet University is in. I think it’s to cage those deaf students so they don’t get hit by cars while going across streets. It’s like we’re in a zoo. That’s my perspective as I finish the run around the campus.