Fences around Gallaudet University

Last night, my roommate and I went out for a run and decided we’ll stop by Gallaudet University to see the protest. Sure enough, there were students scattered around and camping next to the gate. While running around the campus, it occurred to me why is there a fence around the whole campus? Many people have said it’s because we’re in a bad area, err, black area. I don’t recall any other colleges that have fences around their campus. Do you? I do know that Georgetown University, Howard, Univ of MD, GW and almost all other colleges around DC area don’t have fences.

To me, I really don’t think it’s cuz of the “bad area” Gallaudet University is in. I think it’s to cage those deaf students so they don’t get hit by cars while going across streets. It’s like we’re in a zoo. That’s my perspective as I finish the run around the campus.

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  1. Or Deaf people were smart enough and had the fence set up so that they could keep hearing people (or presidents) off the campus. :)

    Wonder if the fence will be taken down once this protest is over.


  2. kimmisan

    i don’t think it’s to cage people in.. -_-

    yes plenty of schools have fences.. all the schools with money in my opinion… harvard has a fence. bu has a fence.. usc.. ( and THAT sir. is in a bad neighborhood)..

    i dunno.. i say look at the brighter side of things.
    yes i agree that it was insensitive for them to get a president of different abilities.. but he didn’t build the fence.

    how is that going by the way?

  3. buzzair

    I’m pretty sure when they built that fence they weren’t thinking of protecting deaf students from getting hit by cars.

    Afterall..pagers weren’t invented yet.

  4. The new President sure is a smart gal! she compared the protest with the movie, “Perfect Storm”, she totally made no point comparing the protest and the movie. I think what she was trying to say is that she was the captain of the ship and died in the storm :) She should resign and save the embarassment.

  5. natech

    Ok, Ms. smarty pants, kimmisan. Well, there goes my point. I just find it hard to believe that Gallaudet University is the ONLY university in the entire DC area to have a fence around their campus and for them to say that’s because it’s in a bad neighorhood. Just doesn’t sound right to me.

    Yeah, I think Jane made a pathetic metaphor of using the Perfect Storm movie except that she’d like to change the ending, that she and gallaudet students would survive the big storm. At least she’s trying to get along with students better by having a daily open forum but I don’t think she will do that once she takes oath in 2007.

  6. at least it’s not a chain link fence :mrgreen:

  7. The fence is there because the neighborhood used to be a LOT more dangerous back in the 60’s.

    When Martin Luther King jr. was shot to death, D.C. *EXPLODED* in riots. Ground zero was along “H” street. It was BAD. I’m talking about whole buildings being burned to the ground, stores being looted, riots, cops swinging riot clubs & turning water cannons on black folks – and all this happened only *blocks* from Gallaudet, and it lasted for days. All along H Street, buildings were in flames and people were bleeding.

    Black folks were furious, and here are all these white folks sitting on Kendall Green, nervous as hell. I don’t know that this influenced things – but….security around Gally got tighter.

    20 years later, in the 80’s when I was at Gally, most of H Street was still empty. All the way from 8th & H down to Union Station, there was nothing but boarded-up, burned-out buildings. I remember the Riggs bank on the corner; two or three liquor stores, a hair salon, and that was just about IT.

    Crime was through the roof, but going down by 1980’s. In my frosh year, a string of burglaries and at least 2 rapes occurred, committed by the outsiders, @ Krug & Cogswell Hall.
    When I was a student, at least once or twice a year, a Gally student would make the mistake of walking to the bus stop down 8th street at night, and end up beaten, robbed, raped – or worse. I was mugged once myself when I got lost in thought & strolled down to the corner of H & 8th one night after dark.

    You used to take a big risk, if you left campus at night on foot, alone.
    I understand things are better now, and thank God for that.

    So, the fence may not be much more than decorative now, but it wasn’t always so.

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