Sally Mae 10k Race

Woke up at 7 am yesterday to get ready to run in the 10k race. Andy Tao went with me. We almost missed the gunshot as we were looking all over for parking, found the parking space and had to run for like 1 mile to finally get to the start line. Ha. We were in the back of the crowd and took me a while to get to the front of the crowd and get my pace going. I decided to start out a bit slow as I didn’t want to get fatigued too soon; it had happened to me and was struggling to cross the finish line.

After about two miles, I was feeling strong and not panting hard, so I began to speed up my pace. I crossed the finish line at 48 mins 28 seconds or 7:48 mins per mile. Not bad. My goal was 7:30 but with the huge crowd at the start, I had to run slow as I weaved through the crowd. At the end, I wasn’t even breathing that hard and felt like I could run for a few more miles, so I was in a much better shape than I was a month ago. I hope to keep continuing and staying in shape. I’m also thinking about signing up for Chicago marathon. My friend, Jess, has already signed up. As for my roommate, Andy, he finished at 1 hour 5 mins. He improved his time by 5 mins, congrats to him.

You may see the full results here. To find my name, just use find function and type my name. Sally Mae 10k website is here.

Pics coming up.