Monuments Intervals

After sleeping in late today—played two rounds of poker the following night, which I got 3rd and 4th place—and had a quite number of beers as you can see in the pics, I forced myself to lace up and step outside. Oh, it was so nice outside and I was enjoying the weather more than my run. I told myself I’ll pay another visit to my same birthday buddy, good ole George Washington. So, I ran to the capitol, then to the Washington Monument. It was really nice as there was a rich diversity of people enjoying the spring. Then, I saw Lincoln Memorial on the other end, where Martin Luther King gave his most famous speech, and was pretty surprised that it wasn’t really that far, maybe 1/2 mile away from the Washington monument, so I decided to run there, alongside the reflection pool.

I took my time and carried a leisure pace till I got home. Then, I decided to look up the Google pedometer mashup map that will tell me how many miles I’ve ran after entering the pinpoints. Check it out.

It said 8.76 miles. Wow! I’ve ran that far? and I entered my weight, 163 lbs, and said I’ve burned 1080 calories. I don’t know if that’s accurate but I was surprised at the numbers. Not too bad for a 25 years old guy who drank 6 beers and ran almost 9 miles the next day. :-)