23rd Annual Sallie Mae 10k run

My roommate and I just signed up to run in this 10k! Now I have no excuse not to bum around and to get myself ready for this.

I was recently in a car accident and it was bad enough that my car was declared a total loss by my insurance. It’s a miracle that I walked out of the accident unscathed with some bruises, although I think the corner of my right rib may have been cracked. That I looked back, I feel like a NASCAR driver who got out of the car ok and wave hands to the fans. Intersections are dangerous, my fellows, especially when it’s on a blind hill. My car was flipped upside-down. o_O

So, that’s why you see a pic of the convertible rental car down in the photo sidebar. :-) They were all out of compact cars so they gave me the car. One friend will sell his 1993 BMW in a nice condition in abt two weeks. It needs a new muffler and some minor electronics like windows not rolling up/down and automatic locking in the driver’s door (someone tried to break in but failed.) so I will attempt to fix them, then it should be all good to go.

I’ll post up pics of my car accident shortly. Good-bye, 2004 Civic Si hatchback, you were a martyr as you saved my life. *kisses*