A Rose for Tara McAvoy

Something sad happened recently.

Tara McAvoy on news.google.com

Tara McAvoy was an 18 years old who got hit by the train and died. She was recently selected as Miss Deaf Texas and would go to Palm Desert in California this summer.

With some investigation, it was discovered that Tara McAvoy was pre-occupied typing on her Sidekick. Sidekick is a mobile device that is very popular among Deaf users. Since there are a lot of tracks, she’d become used to having trains pass her, even a few feet away. But one particular train was carrying a large snow plow that extended over the deck. So, you can imagine what happened.

What can we learn from this is to be alert and pay attention instead of having our eyes glued on our precious sidekicks. It’s not worth your life.

News 8 Austin – coverage

Tara McAvoy, Texas