Some advice on buying a car from a dealership

Saw this in the discussion thread on shopping for a car.

“If you want to bargain really hard, come to the dealership on
Saturday, 2-3 hours before it is supposed to close, take it for a test
drive, come back and bargain with your checkbook in hand. It can take
until 9 pm, but salesman’s “manager” will go home, and people that are
left will be willing to go home much more than you.”

“Even better, do this on the last day of the month. Car Dealerships are
taxed based upon the number of cars on the lot on the 1st of each month.
They have an added incentive to see you drive away in that new vehicle
before the 1st.

Also, leave the check book at home. If they think your going to finance,
they’ll cut a deal on the vehicle thinking they can make up the profits on
the loan. Just make sure there’s no early repayment penalty and pay it off
the following day.”