Do police departments have quotas?

So it seems some police departments have quotas, and some don’t. As for when you’re most likely to get a ticket, we recommend doing as we do with our Dodge Stratus: Drive carefully at the end of anything — shift, day, week, or month.

I am 90% postive that they DO have quotas, no matter what they say. They know 9 out of 10 drivers speed, so all they have to do is to pick a spot that is hard to see, like hiding under the bridge, or on the turn that you can’t see them till right to the last minute. I’ve had a fair share of driving, like driving 21 hours in two days and have driven to Rochester and DC countless times (six hours drive one way). I have come to the fact that if you got pulled over, it wasn’t because you were being a bad driver for speeding. You just got caught at the wrong time and in the wrong place. My secret for speeding is simply hiding behind a car, not necessarily following them but to use them as a sheild from the cop’s radar gun. It’s hard to singularly pick up a car at two or three miles away if the car is right next/behind a car. Not only that, a cop cannot pull over both cars; he has to pick one unless he’s sure that both cars are “racing” at 100 mph or faster, then he’ll call for a backup and nail the other car. The chance decreases with more cars speeding like bikers in a peloton. If your car is the only car out in the middle of nowhere, DO NOT SPEED. You are as vulnerable as a gazelle prancing out in the field and the lion is ready to nail you down. Slow down, put 5 mph over the speed limit and set it to a cruise, turn on some music, enjoy sightseeing, talk to yourself till you have some car company coming up on you.

There are some factors to think about like congested traffic is less likely to have cops out, bad weather, time of the day, and where you are. It helps to know what is the state’s budget on police enforcement like NY state has more budget than PA or MD, thus, NY has more police, so ease off the pedal if you find yourself in NY. Also, cops are looking for cars that speed more than 80 mph because it means higher fine, just like a bigger deer to kill. So it’s not worth it to speed at 100 mph, 80 mph is good enough and u have a chance to slow down 10 mph back to 70, which is pretty harmless, to the 65 mph speed limit.

Happy speeding and safely. =)