My first post in 2006

I just got back from visiting my parents in Illinois last night and I really had a great break. As I was taking a break from work and a chance to spend some family quality time with my parents, I realize I was also taking a break from computers as I didn’t really spend much on a computer during the break. It was what I needed; I’ve been on a computer too much. Now I’m back at work and on the computer, feeling refreshed and aim to finish the projects that I’ve started. I’m not good at finishing projects. Ahh.

I saw a number of people over the break—most of them I haven’t seen more than a year and it’s interesting to see how much we have changed and I remember I was pretty insecure back then but now I find myself more confident and able to discuss different topics that I wouldn’t have been capable of holding the conversation a year ago. Oh yeah, wearing a blazer really does make a difference.

Someone special is coming here this Friday. Yay. :-)