Posting from sidekick

Heh cool. I can post from my sidekick using the web browser. It wouldn’t work before without javascript support. Now it does, and I’m able to post from here. Cool.

I’m on the last plane to bring myself home to springfield, IL. My mom is gonna pick me up. Usually, dad would also go but he has to work tonight, his last before he’s off from work for a week. So, mom and I are gonna have lunch when I get there.

I notice airports have gotten better as compared to last year, with the screening and new fed dept in charge of security. Check-in wasn’t too bad but I had to be alert and look for a shorter line or get into a fast queue. I thought I was a little late but I got to the gate in time.

The plane just moved, so I better hit the submit button before I lose wireless service. :-)