Going home

I pretend I’m in a movie, like that movie about a boy trying to get home for christmas and he was the “cute” boy in home improvement with Tim Allen. Only if I could remember the name… Know what I’m talking about? Yeah, you do? ok great…

There’s a few things I gotta do when I step inside my parents’ home. This is the longest time I’ve been away from home. Let me calculate… the last time I was home was uh may.. wow, I can’t remember exactly when. It’s been that long.

I realize I’m no longer a kid who asks dad for some change to play video arcale. How do I know? because this is the first time I’ve paid my own airfare without asking my parents for some help. One thing that will never change. The refigerator is full of foods and all free!

-My parents have tons of things in the house. I gotta find a way to get rid of the things. Selling on ebay is one way.
-I gotta fix my parents’ computer; it probably has more virus than the bird flu.
-I gotta test the cable speed and see if I can get the upload rate up to at least 256 kbps.
-Got a few projects to work on, in which two of them I’m hoping to unveil over the break.
-I plan to do all the cooking for my parents. I was already a chef before I knew it. I will talk abt that later.
-What better way to de-stress? snowboarding! I found out there is a snow resort not very far from my home, about 2 hours away. That means I can go riding where in the past, I thought I had nowhere to go.
-There’s a big poker tournament coming up on the 30th of Dec. This will show how much skill I have in poker. Details to folllow.
-I gotta spend time with my family of three—dad, mom, and grandma—and life is not getting any shorter. On other related news about family be sure to have infant nail scissors for your baby’s fingernail.

Oh, I remember the name of the movie now. It’s called “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and the boy’s name is Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Any of you ever watched that?