Speeding cameras are stupid.

Warning signs slow cars better than cameras

Auto Express said checks in England showed 25 per cent of drivers speeding at speed camera sites, but only 16 per cent at flashing speed limit signs.

Now, this is something to consider! Do you have any idea how many cameras does DC have? More than fifty but not all of them are used for speed ticketing. The largest automotive organization, AAA, has declared DC as a top strict enforcement area, which is the first time in 105 years. Last October, DC fined $2.9 million dollars from flashing at speeding vehicles and since 1999, it has earned more than $122 million dollars. The officials keep saying it’s to make the area safer. Yeah right! Dear DC officials, what do you have to say after this article? Doesn’t that contradict your point of making the area safer? You’re just using us to take our money out for your own benefits.

“We’re making it a more wholesome place for tourists by telling them to slow down,” he said. “The District does a excellent job in enforcing these laws.”

Oh pul-eeze…

In about 6 months or so, I’m gonna be out of here!