Argonaut Bar

Someone is definitely right. “When in doubt, go.”

I’m glad I went to the Argonaut Bar despite the fact I went alone. Well, I realize there’s nothing wrong with that. Just go, and you might be surprised at what u’ll get.

I just learned that I may have a mild case of AHD or maybe a severe case at that but I hope not. Thanks, Blake, And hope we’ll go snowboard this weekend! Remember what I said: if we see a single snowflake falling, we go!

It’s funny. I did go to the GSA party last Saturday night and oddly enough, I felt somewhat alone there, although a good number of people went. But tonight, I didn’t feel alone, even there were less people who went but I happened to know more people personally and that’s what it made it worthwhile.

And I found someone who’s actually more serious at golf than I am and that’s gonna motivate me to play golf more often and be competitive.

Lastly but not least, I finally met someone who understands the myth that it’s completely untrue that someone who could hear doesn’t mean that s/he could speak well too. I’m one of those people.