What the hell is monkeysphere?

Monkeysphere. I beg you to click and read the article. It may be wordy and require a few brain cells to process it. If you get it, you get it. :-) Basically, everything is irrelevant unless it’s personal to you (by being in monkeysphere with you).

Some random thoughts:

I always try to remember Ben Franklin’s twelve rules and one of them is “Incentive is everything.” Want to see something done? You gotta give that person some incentive to do it. Most of the time, it’s money but it can be anything else (negotiating comes in play here) and everything can be an incentive, I mean everything, like sex. One example was that in the last few days, I had four people IMing me right out of the blue. They were the kind that rarely send me an IM or at least initiate a conversation so I immediately knew they wanted something from me. Sure enough, I was right. They were asking if I had heard about this apparently new money pyramid scheme – monavie. I told them I’m not interested and I heard nothing more from them after that. Again, incentive is everything.

Do you know that Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity not only applies to time or physics only but also to other things? Like a person is only blind WHEN someone else can see aka “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” Einstein’s theory simply states that one object has certain qualities when in relation to another. When I think about it, it’s really true. We can’t say this is the best camera we’ve used till we’ve tested others cameras first. Or this girl is really hot-looking after we’ve looked at other women. In a way, theory of relativity is just like comparing and contrasting—finding these qualities that one has and another doesn’t.

I love learning.

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  1. As for Nextalk.net, I haven’t tried it but I dont’ think I’m gonna try it anyhow because there are some other good tools that I use, like IP Relay phone number where hearing ppl can call me at that number and leave a message, or use any of the relay service, I usually use myiprelay on AIM. I have a logger on my IM software for MAC.

    As for window on a USB Drive, that’s pretty cool, I would love to have MAC (Intel based) on a USB and boot it up on a PC :) then i’ll be happy. I know someone who has OS X on AMD 64 Laptop and it worked pretty well, I was impressed the benchmark was faster than my powerbook g4 1.25 GHz.

  2. natech

    Ah, you’re missing the point. Ofc, I use IP Relay or HipRelay to converse with hearing people but I mean TTY to TTY. Not everybody has an AIM account, let alone the internet connection, like my grandma has a TTY and she HATES using the relay, so I call her through NexTalk. It’s just like a TTY software. Also, sometimes, my parents could be glued to watching TV so I use Nextalk to flash the ringing lights to get their attention. So it comes useful in some ways.

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