Google to buy 5% in AOL

Microsoft, Google still vying for AOL

Google and Microsoft are fighting over to get a deal with AOL that will allow them to tap their internet advertisements within AOL. Even though AOL is rapidly losing subscribers to a broadband service, it is still the largest internet service provider, so, whoever got the deal would be HUGE. Microsoft probably has the edge in money and is desperate to set off in internet advertisments but it’s Google that has the momentum and has an immediate credibility.

Moreover, Google is eyeing a deal with Comcast cable company, also for internet advertising plus possible other things like an agreement to put Google as a default search engine on the Comcast’s start-up disk, which was what they did with Mozilla Firefox’s default homepage – to the google search.

Now, I can see why Google is so insistent on getting information as much as possible, every data counts—doesn’t matter what they are and after building a huge wealth of data, they can go after the businesses and say we have the data, we have every possible data there is and we can help you make money off advertisements by the means of our data.

It’s only beginning.