GM tumbles 6% to 23-year low

GM tumbles 6% to 23-year low

Ouch, I feel sorry for those shareholders. Better start buying Toyota and Honda stocks. Toyota Corp. is on pace to overtake GM’s status as the largest automaker. Toyota says they will put hybrid engines in all of their vehicles. When a 4runner comes out with a hybrid, I’ll be the first on the list. :-)

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  1. Hybrid SUV would be nice, as many people love having SUV but GAS is a pain in the ass, with Hybird, it’s supposed to bring it up to about 30-35 MPG which is GREAT for a SUV.

    Fuel Cell or Hydrogen would even be better.

    Nuclear would be the best :) Lifetime fuel!

  2. I think trying to have SUV and hybird at the same time is kind of conflicting the goal of reducing fuel consumption. Buying an Echo with hybird engine or fuel cell would be a lot more economical and fuel efficient. :)

  3. natech

    Yeah true but wouldn’t it be better to have 50% of the entire vehicles market running on 30 mpg or better, instead of 1% (Prius, Echo, or cars with fuel cell) of the market running on 50 mpg or better?

  4. I’m also a proud ECHO OWNER!!!!

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