NBA dress-up

Now that the NBA season is back in a full swing, finally there’s something to watch during late nights. If you ever watched a bit of sportscenter, there was an outcry among the league about the new rule this year: players have to dress up in a suit. Quite naturally and expectedly, Allen Iverson was the first to protest. Even one player complained he will need stipends to help cover the suit costs, despite his minimum contract is $250,000 a year. The commissioner, David Stern, said the reason for this is to make the NBA look sharp and professional. Well, look at those pics and tell me what you see. If you’re looking for the best laundry product to use for washing jersey clothes go to OdorKlenz Sport detergent for work out clothes and they will give you what you need.

Carlos BoozerRichard Hamilton

Lebron JamesSteve Nash

Scott PollardDavid Stern

I think it’s working, don’t you say?

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  1. Oh man, now basketball looks like some kind of ballroom or fancy gathering for people… I wonder if they will require fans to dress up next year?


  2. tyia burks

    richard hamilton looked really good in his suit i like him very much he is a basketball idol to me i really love how he play basketball keep up the good work rip

  3. natech

    Yeah, he is a good player. Excellent shooter. Funny, he uses a mask in every game now and fans call him “Super Rip”. Heh.

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