The Solar System

I’ve been always fascinated by science—it’s probably my best and fave subject in high school before computers overtook me. I still read scientific books, loved Bill Bryson’s book on Short History of Nearly Everything, Genome Project, etc. I was just browsing and found this really mind-blowing link. The Solar System. It might take a while for your web browser to fetch the image since it’s a big one. To echo Bill Bryson’s words, it’s just impossible to imagine how big the Universe is. We can’t even fathom how big at all. It’s larger than any bigs you can think of.

In this pic, I can’t even find Earth using the horizontal scroll. I’d just miss it as it’s too small to see. I have to use the link to see it. The creator was really clever to use pixels as a scale comparison. 1,000 km = 1 pixel. This is far more accurate and make a better example than the fake planets on wires that are in every science classroom. Jupiter and Saturn make fascinating planets; would love to visit there if we ever have a such technology, which we will but not in our lifetime, probably and instead of trying to build a space station (still not finished), they’re starting a project to build a base on the moon that will serve as a launchpad to Mars and once that is achieved, other planets come next in the line.

Pluto – all the way to the right. Imagine, we’re all pulled around Sun, all thanks to gravitiy. If not for gravity, shit, we’d be completely wander-less and lost.

Hope you enjoy the image as much as I am. See if I can somehow shrink this image enough to fit on my widescreen panel. :-)