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South Korea – 2002. Cities: Incheon, Kwangu, Seoul, HamYong. Would like to go back and travel more.

China – 2001. Cities: Beijing – visited the Great Wall; incredible sighting! Highly recommended. Also went down to Tian Jin to visit their Deaf college technical program. Would like to visit Hong Kong next time I go to China. FYI, the distance between Beijing and Hong Kong is farther than NYC and LA, so the people and cultures are vastly different even they’re Chinese.

Mexico – 2001 – Cancun – Spring break, what else? That place is entirely americanized. Full of bars and clubs. Did go to Chichen Itza. It was fun climbing up the pyramid there. Highly recommended too. Heh, we were able to get a rental car under 25 years or older policy (I was the one doing all the negotations) and cost only $50 dollars for an entire day. Definitely beat staying in Cancun all week. You get to see the real side of Mexican life and saw homes that were just a shack with a bed sheet as a front entrance and you could see the entire family inside.

Canada – went to Toronto many times, close to Rochester, about 3 hours drive. Been to Niagara Falls; gorgeous sight, highly recommended.

Still haven’t gone to Europe yet. I really love to travel but work keeps getting in the way. Hope I’ll have more opportunities later.