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States I’ve been to…

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1) Alabama – went to the space camp in Huntsville during middle school and high school.
2) Illinois – my home state
3) Iowa – boring state – bunch of Amish families there – from what I remember during early family trip
4) Missouri – most of my dad’s relatives live there.
5) Wisconsin – my good friend has a cabin there near Dells, many lakes there. Good for outdoors.
6) California – SF Bay, Santa Cruz, Brubank,
7) Las Vegas, Nevada – flight stop, got delayed, had to stay at a hotel, temperature was 120 degrees, damn.
8) Oregon – YLC 1997
9) Minnesota – flight stops there many times but never even went out of airport.
10 Hawaii – flew there four times. Rich diversity there.
11) Kansas – Gallaudet Academic bowl – 1998 – should have won the regional there but got jeopardized BIG-TIME. Our lead was almost doubled, 120 to 65. Missouri team had to bet all their points and they got it right, we wrong. The score became 105 to 130. That was one of the sickest moments in my entire life. We also found out that we answered the most questions compared with other regionals. That next year, they changed the game format, no more “gambling” on the final question. Also, we did beat the Missouri team in the first round and then they fought to advance to the finals and beat us and they got to go to the Deaf Nationals in Washington DC. Damn. I was pissed off.
12) Indiana – their deaf school is our biggest rival
13) Detriot, Michigan
14) New York – NYC, Buffalo, and Rochester.
15) Florida – my parents’ good friends live there, interned in Miami, Walt Disney in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Daytona Beach. Probably my most vacationed state.
16) Atlanta, Georgia. Had my IBM interview there.
17) Denver, Colorado – my freshman roommate lives there and recently got married.
18) Ohio – went to the Cedar Park amusement park, which is one of top 5 parks in the US. Is a middle point between Illinois and Washington DC, so I usually stay over a friend’s place there.
19) Pennsylvania – Had to drive through PA to get into NY; just tons of forests there. Sylvan means wood or forest in Latin. (I took Latin class in college). Also went over a friend’s who lives in Philadelphia.
20) Virginia – my uncle lives there; can’t miss it if u drive to DC.
21) Maryland – same as above, the latter one.
22) Delaware – had to drive thru to get to Ocean City.
23) New Jersey – drove through it.
24) Kentucky – drove through it
25) Tennessee – dropped my friend off at his brother’s home, who was in the army.
26) West Virginia – drove through it.

So, 24 more states to go! Dang, still a lot of states to visit. Wanna go to Vermont for snowboarding this winter season.