Pardon my sports babble

Ok, the sports media is all over the controversial play that happened during the game two of ALCS between the Chicago White Sox and the Anaheim Angels. Having seen the replay a dozen times, I’ve come to a conclusion that the ball never hit the dirt and the reason why it was so damn confusing was because the catcher’s mitt was on the ground and the ball just went into the mitt, even though the mitt was on the ground—still doesn’t mean the ball did hit the dirt. However, that wasn’t even the point because the home plate umpire couldn’t even see the ball anyway. He was, in fact, unsure if the ball had touched the ground so he kinda left the play wide open but the catcher never did anything to seal the play. He just assumed that the umpire made the out call due to the handsign, which was for a strike call. So, the hitter, a catcher himself, knew there was a benefit of doubt, decided to run to the first base (he said he never heard the verbal cue from the umpire so he ran but I think it had to do with the benefit of doubt and his catcher instincts). The Angels catcher never made the tag, the hitter taking the shot to run to the first base and that’s the whole play. We could argue all night whether if we should have an instant replay like other sports or that the umpire made a confusing strike/out call by his handsign. But in my opinion, this could be all avoided, had the catcher tagged the hitter especially when the stakes are high and when there is a doubt involved.

It’s been refreshing to see NHL highlights after their one year lockout and there’s a new rule in overtime: shootouts. Paul Kariya is really a master at the shootout. He’s 2 for 2 thus far. The key success? never give a daylight of a time to the goalie to see what is your shot going to be or ur next move. I really like the shootouts ‘cuz it puts more emphasis on your skills, help save costs on operation (you would think all those alcohol beverages would help offset the operation costs but it doesn’t), more anticipation on the outcome because that will be determined in a matter of few minutes, not twenty minutes or double overtimes. On other sports related news you can try Maxomil soccer pool table and discover a new sport activity that everyone from the family or company will enjoy.

I can’t wait for NBA to start. Go Manu Ginobili! and am really curious to see how the miami team is gonna play this year with the almost competely new roster except for Shaq and Wade. The same goes for Kobe and Lebron—how big are they gonna be this season.

Michelle Wie, who just turned pro, is so fucking lucky. I really envy her and I find myself looking at her tan legs—she does have nice legs.

Damn, look at this perfect-picture posture! they should use her posture for their official LPGA logo.